Ideas for my black walnut table?

I cut down 2 huge black walnut trees in my backyard and I have decided to make some tables but I need some tips and ideas for the table.. The thing stumping me the most (haha) is how should I make the legs for a table that small probably 2 feet in across?

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NESmodder3 years ago

Like the dude said down there i would keep it real rustic and use branches off the tree, they dont even have to be straight just as long as it sits even( i know that sounds a little confusing) and just use double sided screws to put them in. Great idea about the table, and the hole! wish u luck! :)

Burf3 years ago

For a small table, use a simple pedestal type stand but I wouldn't lock myself into only tables. You could make wall hangers, wall clocks, bases for mounted moose heads or ram skulls, seats and/or backs for patio stools, etc. Let your imagination drift...

Don,t try this at home (author)  Burf3 years ago

That is an idea but it will block the hole in the wood.. My plan so far is to buy glass stones and pack them in the hole and then add epoxy like this instructable

rickharris3 years ago

get the trees converted into planks, season for 5 to 7 years and then you can make what you like.

JM19993 years ago

Cool table top!

Where do you want the table? one option could be to have it hanging from the roof or a frame and all you would have to do is put 4 eyelets in it. If you want it as a coffee table I personally would have a single leg made from one of the smaller straight branches from the tree, if you want 3 or 4 legs I have no ideas for the attachments.

Don,t try this at home (author)  JM19993 years ago

Thanks! and that's not even one of the coolest.. what I wanted to do in the hole is get glass stones and pack them in and pour epoxy over to seal them in there... I might try the one straight branch idea thanks.

Alternatively you could make a few dollars per piece of wood!

Don,t try this at home (author)  JM19993 years ago

Yeah I was gonna sell some of it then make tables and sell those too.

iceng3 years ago

Ahhaaa .... a cocktail serving table,

Add a plywood support and an LED center core to highlight some ornamental display ..... Hide the plywood.

Legs could be anything from Metal or pre-made wood screw ins.