Ideas for my new Knex City set?

I am planning on working on this Knex City set where there will be knex buildings and stuff you find in a city and it all gets put together to make Knex City. I have some ideas for what to include in Knex City but I will need more. If any of you have ideas for what to include in my Knex City set, please tell me. I will be posting instructables for making Knex City when I have done part of it. If you got any ideas, please let me know.

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Shadowman397 years ago
You could try these: amusement park, bank, hospital, police station, courthouse, neighborhood, fire station, or airport. Those are the first things that popped into my head. :-P
cupcake437 years ago
tri huge buildings
Randomguy657 years ago
Train station?
Danielzxzx1 (author) 7 years ago
Ok, I already have the ideas for ther city planned out so I don't need any more ideas.
Danielzxzx1 (author) 7 years ago
Those are good too. I will use them. If there is anymore people have, I would like to know, the more the better, the bigger city.
Danielzxzx1 (author) 7 years ago
Those are good, all thesets will have something cool about it for example, my movie theatre can play customed movies that you have made, the arcade can play these mini games at it. I will need even more ideas.
stale567 years ago

Don't forget cars and trucks!
Have a police station, people, and lots of buildings!

Flash backs of Lego City Sets I used to have when I was a wee lad...