Ideas needed for pimping out a motorhome.?

Hello, Im moving to Australia in November and intend buying and living in a motorhome. I would like to change the inside, not remove things like beds, just get rid of the excess things extra cabinets that i may not need. I would like to install a home cinema (My brother doesn't use his anymore so its free!!!), would like to add other cool things, like funky shelves, non electrical washing machine, solar/battery air cooler, home made bbq and would do interior design to my liking. I have a background in sculpture so i enjoy looking in skips for useful stuff and enjoy making things, so im open to all suggestions anyone may have to pimp out the motorhome. Thanks all.

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orksecurity8 years ago
I'd suggest starting by picking a theme, and using it to guide what changes you might want to make and how they should be styled. As always, Jake von Slatt's victorian-themed example is worth looking at:
invisible book shelf. WiFi satellite dish.
Hey, I'd pick up oodles of speakers, cds/mp3s and amps and make it so you have mind-blowing sound.
frollard8 years ago
This would be a fun forum topic.. You should definitely aeromod it so it's as slippery to that pesky atmosphere as possible... Full electric conversion ++ solar Build auto-levelling jacks. I always hated chocking the tires back and forth repeatedly until our motorhome was level. Pinball machine? sleeping tubes instead of bed - like in the movie honey I shrunk the kids...or the 5th element. They sleep in the circles of a lego block... You could save a tonne of room by stacking occupants vertically. scrolling led sign on the back that tells people to have a wonderful day, or to back off, or to eff off...contextually XD
donaoh (author)  frollard8 years ago
Thanks for answer. There will be myself, who will be doing the internal structure work, my cousin will be doing all mechanical/engine work. I will tel her about your suggestion about auto levelling jacks, she appreciates all comments and suggestions. She loved the scrollling LED idea. I was thinking of making a pinball machine, that would be a great project, or a replica arcade game, i love those!!!! We are working on ideas for a hand wash or bicycle on a stand powered washing machine. Oh, and hope to try and make or pick up a telescope that can be used on the roof. Nothing big or fancy, just something that does the job. And pick up an old slide for free somewhere so its easy to get off the roof. Removable when travelling of course!!!!!! Or maybe very mini crazy golf on the roof. Im also loooking to design a mini greenhouse, i hate buying food from shops. I would like to play computer games on the home cinema, i will have to work on it. Have to come up with ideas for the outside. Some guys in Cairns in Queensland got a toyota corolla or some similar car, painted it up to look like an Irish police car (Garda car). Must come up with a groovy exterior design.