If I connect an AC fan motor to an engine of some type, will it create AC current?

Or am I completely wrong in thinking that a motor can be a generator if you apply force to it instead of applying electricity?

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squirt85008 years ago
Most types of AC motors are induction motors, that means there are no magnets, so you can not generate electricity with induction motors.

You are right that some motors can generate electricity with applied force they are permanent magnet and usually DC motors.
sockless7 years ago
You could rip the alternator off a car.
squirt8500's answers technically speaking is incorrect regarding the ac induction motor, but DC PM motors are the best in your case because it is easy.

One tip though, if you are planning an making a wind turbine, than not any dc motor will do. Look for motors with a low rpm speed and a high volt/amp input. those motors will produce sizable amounts of power at low rpm.
squirt is actually wrong. By adding a capacitor, an induction motor run at over its base speed will generate.
I agree with you there, but I suppose it saved someone the hassle of trying?

lemonie8 years ago
Any general-purpose motor can be made into a generator and vice-versa. But you need to be very specific on the motor if you want advice as to how.