If I have a power supply rated at 12Volts 10Amps, would it safely run 3 stepper motors rated at 24Volts 2.8Amps?

kricketone6 years ago
Lets see here you got a 12 volt power supply and you are going to try and run three motors rated a 24 volts, hummmmm I dont see this working, your 12 volt power supply is about to be smoked
kelseymh6 years ago
Energy (or power) is conserved across a transformer. 12V*10A = 120W. Each of your stepper motors (24V, 2.8A) needs 67.2W. So you can only run 1 motor at full power at a time. If your control system switches between the motors, then you're fine. Otherwise the motors are going to get less than maximum current.
A motor with a 24V winding draws 2.8 A
1.)Calculate its resistance.
2.)Using the value calculated what current will the winding draw on 12V ?
3.) A PSU, of 12V and 10A rating is supplied. Can this feed THREE motors as described.

For full marks, show your working. Calculators may NOT be used.

It'll run 'em, just not very well, since it won't GET 2.8Amps to flow in the windings,