If I lost the remote control to an r/c car, can I use another one? or how can I fix it?

Do I need to replace a transmitter and receiver? if so how? Any other suggestions are welcome.

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XOIIO7 years ago
You will need one that is the same frequency, and with simmilar controls, or mod one with the same frequency to work. I've done this before, it works great! Hope i helped!
Kevvixx (author)  XOIIO7 years ago
How do I tell what frequency it is?
bears06 years ago
 i tried before but for the racing cars it has to be exact 27 mhz doesnt always mean 27 mhz
it could be 27.056 mhz so see if someone has a frequency scanner
jacobzman7 years ago
yes call the plas you got it from then thay will orderyou a new one about $15
XOIIO7 years ago
Normally on the bottom of the car or in the battery door it has a sticker, you may need to open it though. If your really desperate, you could try to find someone/ somewhere that has a radio frequency detector.
lemonie7 years ago
Exactly the same will work. Similar may need tuning - I'd guess there's a "knob" inside which adjusts the frequency. But you'd have to find something that works in exactly the same way. L