If I make a motorized bike out of a weede eater motor in California, can I ride it in public without a permit ?

Hello, I am wondering if It is possible for me to motorize a bike in the state of california without having to register it at the DMV as a moped. I need a good way to get to and from my school, and a car is too expensive to run. Would I have any trouble legally if I did this?

Prfesser6 years ago
No. I think you'll find that the complete legal definition includes *any* motorized bicycle, regardless of construction. California lawmakers are especially good at one thing---making laws.
Permits? PERMITS? We don't neeed no steenking PEERMEETS!
rickharris6 years ago
i am guess in the answer s no - although some places allow motorised bikes provided they don#'t exceed 12 MPH.

Check with motor dpt.