If bc 8050 is equivalent for bc 187 and 5v relay instead of 6v in project of ir remote ciruit pls reply?

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steveastrouk8 months ago

Look it up. Can it handle the relay current ? Does it have the same or higher hFE ?

That would mean using Google and reading at least two datasheets.
If things would really be that easy people would not ask here!?

Oh, wait they do.....

Lets remember a lot of people are self taught and datasheets can be difficult to find if you do not know how to search for them or read them. We have young creators on here and older ones that do not exactly understand google which can be a complex beast if you are not used to it.

iceng ddemayo8 months ago

Sort of removes the need to go to school that also teach the consequences of using energy...

ddemayo iceng8 months ago

The whole point of this site is to encourage people to learn and create by saying look it up we are discouraging people from staying in this community. We have no information about the person posting this question they could be disabled, they could have the data sheets and not know how to phrase the question properly to ask what they want to ask. A presumption of laziness is posh at best and rude. asking the person of the post to rephrase the question or provide more information so we can help them more is the correct way to go about this question. not just telling them to look it up. and asking questions posed that he may not even understand. I get it that people post out of laziness, but being rude only hurts the community and discourages people from being a part of it.

You are forgetting one big point here....
99.99% of these incomplete questions where we never see anything again from the author are from people who only registered to post the question.
So they are not a part of this "community", they are guests at best.
And guests that never come again, no matter the answers ;)
We are here to help but not to ask 50 more questions to get to the point without seeing an answer to them.

IMHO thereshould be a posting ban for new members.
Register and after a week or so you can make your first posting if required.
Works great in forums and prevents this type of "spam"....


iceng ddemayo8 months ago

I agree to those who really want help .... see


And follow aryajaya who jumped into the 7 mo old question just last week.

And no chance of best answer to a new totally different question...

No, I said look it up, and gave him a couple of parameters he needed to check, expecting a response

So I gave him the information he needed to find. Lets see him come back when he's tried.

I honestly didnt see anything wrong with your reply other than the look it up. atleast point him in the right direction. I gave him a link to data sheets, but then left him there. I am just saying lets be a little more inviting. if someone walked into a workshop and asked you how to use a tool would you say look it up and walk off?

I'd say "watch", and then expect them to copy me.

An admittedly cursory look indicated the BC8050 isn't a transistor at all.

Any Padawan who compares an 8050 to a transistor is up up upper echelon sent to test us and we should not succeed ;)

How do you learn if you don't look ?

ddemayo8 months ago


If you need help finding it let me know. Its kinda hard to understand what you are asking with how you worded the question.