If existing inductive chargers are to be modified to make it solar powered, what adjustments should I do to the circuit?

I've been working on creating a solar powered inductive charger. I've only just started in my electronics class, so I don't quite know what to do about it. I've planned to simply modify the existing circuit designs of inductive chargers to make it solar powered, however I do not quite know where to start nor which parts to modify. 

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frollard5 years ago
Take an inductive charger, and feed it an input from a solar panel. Remember for usb based chargers, they probably expect input in the range of 5-10 watts, which is a fair sized solar panel.
Alternatively you could charge a battery with a smaller solar panel and then run the inductive charger off of the battery. Not as efficient but easier to get a constant charge from the inductive charger.
+1. The charger probably doesn't like intermittent power. Battery is almost the only way to go, which is ironic, to use solar panel > charger > battery > charger > battery.
Yeah, the extra losses are going to mean the the charge time (from starting solar charging) is probably going to be unusably long.
electronics newbie (author)  bwrussell5 years ago
Thanks frollard and bwrussell.
I've thought about the long charging time already.
But what if the solar panel would only be the second power source? What if the plugs would still be maintained yet the solar panel would be attached? Will that thing work?
electronics newbie (author)  frollard5 years ago
thank you frollard. do i have to change the inverter tof the unduction charger?
bwrussell5 years ago
It won't let me reply but yes, it would be possible to keep the standard plug to the inductive charger. Just make it so the solar panel output is in the opposite (male/female) plug of the same type as the inductive charger. That way you can plug the inductive charger to either it's normal power source or the solar system.