If given a source of electricity, what will a CD player laser do?

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frollard7 years ago
Given the correct electricity source, the laser diode will......produce a laser. It will be in the low red/infrared range. Nearly invisible, and capable of causing permanent eye damage quickly without you even noticing... That said, the beam focus is quite tight yet angled. After much distance it will disperse and just be a wide beam -- still not a good idea to do much with it.
RelientOwl (author) 7 years ago
Yess yess I know that part but what will it be capable of doing as in burning heat pop balloons etc
No. Low-power IR laser. No visible beam, not enough energy to do anything dramatic. (But probably enough power to cause eye damage if you're not careful with it -- which gives you an idea of how much more dangerous higher-powered lasers can be.)

Generally, if you want to do the dangerous things, a DVD laser -- preferably a DVD _burner_ laser -- is the minimum requirement. See the MANY instructables on this topic.
aeray7 years ago
frollard aeray7 years ago
concise. I like it.
XOIIO7 years ago
Give out a laser, duh
lemonie7 years ago

What do you mean "source of electricity"?
Lighning, AA battery, piezoelectric device, the right power supply for the thing?