If shoo goo/goop soaks all the way through layers of cloth, when it dries is it hard?

this is for a project need to make sure it works before buying the materials

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dylea8 years ago
I used shoe goo to repair my sons shoes and sneakers. The soles would pull apart from the shoe...I tried other adhesives which would only work temporarily. Then I came across Shoe Goo. This stuff is fantastic for this purpose! The top of the shoe would completely wear out...but the bottom would still be stuck on. My son even used it to waterproof some sneakers,,,they were kinda stiff but it worked. LOL
caitlinsdad8 years ago
Shoo goo is a very thick rubbery type of smearable substance not unlike a nose booger/slime. It doesn't flow or seep well into cloth. When you use it, you just kind of blob it on and keep layering it to build up a bigger blob. It is hard to smooth out. I think the stuff had some toxic fumes in it as it cured. It will cure to a flexible blob and really doesn't stand up for real shoe repair. It will peel off of your old shoe when subject to normal walking and stretching and exposure to dirt after a while. So what do you plan to do with it? Maybe a 100% silicone caulk with a caulk gun would be more suited for your use. It is cheaper and is a little bit easier and less toxic to work with. It will still give a vinegary-like smell when curing.
GEEK1 (author) 8 years ago
Thanks for answering the question but has anyone actually tried it?
GEEK1 (author)  GEEK18 years ago
please leave hypothesis too like cameronss. Thanks!!!!!!!!
CameronSS8 years ago
My hypothesis is that it will be similar to a tire in nature. Shoe goop dries to a texture similar to rubber (it's silicone-based), and I think that the cloth would make it stronger and stiffer, but it would still be somewhat flexible, similar to a tire. That is all an educated guess, though. Try it on a small sample to see.
Test it.