If you put an LED inside a balloon, would the balloon pop?

 ie does it heat up at all? And if it does, can balloons withstand any heat inside? I'd imagine not but I'm not a balloon expert.

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craftyv6 years ago
Try it and see, wht have you got to loose? You learn a lot by action and observation and develope ideas as you go along.
I suppose my remarks went down like a LED balloon : -) LOL.
LED balloon, that's a very clever pun. Color me impressed, and illuminated as well.
Ah but LED ballons sink very quickly.
rickharris6 years ago
No - it makes quite a good round light if you construct a suitable;le base.
I just noticed this one:
in the related panel. ------>

It kinda looks like latex ballons with LED-throwies inside.  Not sure what the exact power flows or temperatures are inside these ballons, but perhaps the idea is more workable than you had previously thought?
frollard6 years ago
Do a quick search for me and type in that little white box up top right: "do leds get hot".
. +1