Im 13, and i love to cook.

I love cooking, but i hate eggs, onions, peppers and tomatoes. any suggestions

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Gottwinkies7 years ago
Well, if you are looking for no-cook recipes...I don't have any. BUT if you want Recipes that require a skillet, a burner and none of those nasties...I can help you. I am allergic to peppers and my daughter is allergic to tomatoes, so we have a boatload of ideas for non-tomato and non-pepper foods. I have made pizza, lasagna, and pasta sauces that don't involve most of those foods. Let me know!
acidbass8 years ago
a 13 year old kid who hates eggs tomatoes onions and peppers what kind of kid are you there is plenty of recipes just explore
what about pizza? even though it has tomatoes...because i have a great tasting easy pizza-like dish i invented
You can make excellent pizza without tomatoes! Brush the crust with olive oil, then go to town with the toppings.
yea and what i do with mine is...when the pizza is finished i make a light dressing with olive oil, vinegar, salt pepper, and a little mustard and drizzle it over the pizza mmmmm.....
Or Muffins!
MacLean (author) 8 years ago
Thanks guys, your all a big help :)
Try some oriental recipes that use ginger ,garlic, pineapple, tofu , mushrooms , nuts.......
lemonie8 years ago
You're knackered there then! What's wrong with onions (for one)? L