I'm SO sick of my laces coming undone, no matter what I do: double-bow ties, double knots... Any ways to lock 'em down??

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Cord locks, also called cord toggles. You know, those little plastic spring-loaded thingys that you typically find on the drawstring for a stuff sack. You can get them at sporting goods stores in the camping supplies section for almost nothing.
 A Lace garage! put an elastic band on your shoe to keep them down!
I'm going to make an ible soon.
I saw them on the Chrome shoes I have

Jak25 (author) 7 years ago
Thanks, all! It was a silly question, but a vexing situation, nonetheless.
orksecurity7 years ago
Trick I picked up from somewhere -- maybe instructables -- is to give the loops an extra twist around each other when tying the bow. Works well on the one particularly-slippery set of laces I have.

Another solution is to switch to different laces. Flat laces don't generally have this problem as badly.
+1 on the flat laces. they are much better than round laces wrt hold.
Jak25 (author)  seandogue7 years ago
Yeah, dunno, mine are flat - for some reason, I've either lost the ability to do this or laces are just resistant to manipulation these days. But, I did finally cut the darn things down. I've wondered what everyone does with all those inches of lacing... I may never know!
caarntedd7 years ago
Get your mum to tie them for you?
Jak25 (author)  caarntedd7 years ago
Lol! At least I got a laff out of it!
jtobako7 years ago
You may need to add something to rough up the surface of the lace to keep it from slipping-super glue or wax worked into the lace before tying (let the super glue dry before tying) should help.
jeff-o7 years ago
Different laces, maybe?  Perhaps some that aren't as long, so they don't flap around.
seandogue7 years ago
I tuck the ends and bow (when there's enough lace to make a "proper" bow) in between the tongue and the two flaps to keep them from coming undone. It's not perfect, but it helps alot.

RelaxedSoup7 years ago
Super glue?  Dunno what you'll do when you want to take them off... :)