Im SUPER skinny and its rather un attractive. Anyone got any good excercises/routune/what ever to help me bulk up?

No shakes or anything like that plz.. unless they REALLY help.

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seandogue7 years ago
From a quick glance (took all of 2 seconds), I see you're 14.

First, avoid the advise of people who are either obviously fat, or who tell you its a simple matter of eating too much and working out.

Ectomorphic body types simply do not respond over-eating or rigorous workouts in increasing body girth. You *can get stronger (to a limit) by working out, but you will gain very little in girth (size). For fat people, it's a simple matter of glancing at a twinky., for us, no amount of food will cause gain, since our bodies remove anything unnecessary to efficient use of the body type.

The ectomorphic body type doesn't gain girth because it doesn't need it. We are (generally) lighter, so we need less muscle to carry our bulk than a fat person, we are often taller than average, so our leverage does work that requires less muscle than a short person, and our metabolic rate is usually much higher than either mezomorphic or endomorphic body types so we don't generally carry as much fat around with us, because we burn it instead of storing it..

For myself, I would eat anything that I could, I worked out using free weights, etc, but it made no difference whatsoever. The only thing that made any difference was time.

When I was 28, I weighed 135 lbs (@ 6'1" tall (185.5cm)). Now, at age 50, I weigh ~165-170.

I think your best bet is the following (and you're not going to like the first one)

1. deal with it. You need to come to terms with the fact that you're just not a hypermature endomorph, destined to be a fat man in five or ten years. Probably not ever gonna happen. get over it.

2. Swim. Muscle tone is what's going to get you by in the looks category, more than the kind of maintenance exercise that endo or mezomorphs routinely use, which is for burning off their fat deposits more than anything else (why do you think they spend inordinate amounts of time in the gym, anyway?...A couple beers and a burger...a day in the gym.... and freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly help to produce more targetted muscle development than the preferred method for the plumper types.

The added benefit of swimming is that the water is cold enough in lap pools that I suspect it helps to trigger the body to produce a little bit more fat under the skin. I can't say with scientific authority, but I did notice that after three years of very regular lap swimming, I stopped having such "thin skin" on my arms, legs, and body...(by thin, I mean that I could clearly see my veins prior to but after they seemed to be more hidden by flesh both in the area of muscle (where one might argue that it would be expected,), but also in areas where muscle simply doesn't play much of a role, for instance, in the interior of the forearm near the wrist...

The combination of adding a stimulus for fat development and targetted muscle development will help to reduce the skinny look. Although you may never achieve that barrel chest...some thing are immutable. It's not the end of the world, and there are plenty of cute girls who prefer skinny guys.

3. if your clothes fit like mine used to, remember that its because the fashion industry thinks we don't exist. They make ~70% of clothes for mezomorphic body types, 25% for fat people (endomorphs) and the remaining 5% is left for us.

And here's what I learned, very late in life, and which imo, as a "skinny person", is the key to getting around a world made for fat people... tailors make the difference. They can modify clothes so they fit your frame better. Since fat is the rule, the clothes aren't made for those of us who aren't fat. So they need to be modified in order to fit without looking like we're wearing someone's handme-downs or just an ill fitting sack.

Ill fitting clothes go a long way to making you self-conscious about your weight.


best wishes
octopuscabbage (author)  seandogue7 years ago
Meh i suppose i enjoy the ability to eat what i want. Yeah i dont have a problem getting girls its just i dont like the inability to do daily work involving strength.
Understood....healthy attitude.

Keep in mind what I said about swimming...Builds shoulder and chest... I didn't "learn" how to swim until I was in my mid twenties (delayed entry to college)...I could swim, but not proper freestyle backstroke or the hardest...butterfly. While I was in college I signed up for a swimming class and got some extra training from the swimming coach...He was either feeling sorry for me or just a nice guy, but whatever...I got similar training to the swim team kids and learned a lot. Didn't build a great deal of bulk, but I got stronger, got some shoulder meat and thicker legs, and got enough skin so that I didn't look like I was starving anymore.

Johhny Weismuller, an actor from way way back who played Tarzan in the old black and white movies made around the time of WWII  (my parents were teens back then!) was a skinny kid (scrawny, I think he called himself)...When I was a kid during the 1970s, I read about how he built his chest by learning to swim, and when you see him in those old movies it's quite apparent that something drastic happened from his efforts...FYI... (It just took me a few years for it to sink in for my own life ;-) )

I don't know how urban your area is, but if you live in a city, there are tons of opportunities...swim team once you get into 9th grade @ high school is another option. You don't have to be the #1 team leader to take advantage of the ability  (and responsibility) to swim every WILL do your body type a world of good and can only help with any free weight training you decide to embark upon.

Also, just for the record, not sayin it does, but if any of this comes from feeling like you're under the thumb of the bullyboys, an after school class in karate or similar might not be such a bad idea to help you feel more "empowered" and confident physically. In the end, it's not how strong you's how you use it.

best wishes
octopuscabbage (author)  seandogue7 years ago
I might try swimming when its not snowing out. The problem with swim team is that my school is known for having an AMAZNIG swim team and thres only two teams...

bullys are not a problem for me. lots of tai chi. (Dont laugh ill rip ur jugluar out) i floored my wrestler friend in like 10 seconds in a fight.
Good for you.  Wish I'd done some self defence when I was a kit.
octopuscabbage (author)  Re-design7 years ago
Cept the problem is tai chi doesnt sound as cool as ju jistsu or karate. Cept Tai chi is better XD
When you're getting your butt kicked, you don't care what it's called or how cool the name is, you're still getting your butt kicked.

And you get to walk a little taller.
octopuscabbage (author)  Re-design7 years ago
Very true. Plus its kinda embarassing to say you got owned by tai chi.
guyfrom7up7 years ago
I'm assuming your a guy?  Well goto the gym :P.  I've been going to the gym (only started a month ago) and I've built up about 8 pounds of muscle and have a 6 pack now.

If you can't goto the gym, here are some things you can do at home:
chin ups
dips (inbetween 2 chairs)
stuff with dumbells
"the plank" (i highly recomend this, basically lie on the floor belly down, and then raise your whole body rigid so that the only things touching the ground are your toes/feet and your arms.  this really works your abs.  hold for 2 minutes minimum)
Women go to the gym too. :P
octopuscabbage (author)  Lithium Rain7 years ago
My female friends go to the gym more then my male friends...
Sounds like a good reason to spend more time at the gym to me.
octopuscabbage (author)  Re-design7 years ago

but there are scarey strong women there O.o

octopuscabbage (author)  guyfrom7up7 years ago
cool. thanks
paganwonder7 years ago
Are you genetically skinny- ie: are your parents skinny?  Do you have something going on with your metobolism which is causing excessive Kcal burning (thyroid condition, diabetes, cancer, AIDS) ? Do you have enough to eat?  Do you smoke and drink a lot of caffiene?

In any case the point I'm trying to make is you need to approach body shaping in an intelligent way which would include guidance from professionals who can help you not hurt yourself, plus make your efforts efficient and rewarding.

If you don't have access to well educated exercise professionals (kinesiologist, drill sargent,)  the internet and the library are excellent sources of information to help.  (US military Physical Fitness Manuals are excellent resources,  but they don't focus on body shaping, just maximum fitness and strength)

Body shaping can really hurt you for a long time if done improperly, some people never heal from the injuries they sustain.
octopuscabbage (author)  paganwonder7 years ago

my dad is skinny, and my mom used to be. no i dont have any of those diseases. and yes i do. i drink a ton of caffine.

and i dont actually care about bulk as much as healthy fitness.

Good to hear you're not suffering a horrible disease- didn't really think you were but had to ask - occupational hazard I suffer.
For fitness it is difficult to beat a Military Physical Fitness program- nobody in my platoon had any trouble with hard physical work all day long.
octopuscabbage (author)  paganwonder7 years ago
Cool thanks
On average people who are super skinny are that way because that's just the way they are built .Having said that, before trying to bulk up your appearance a visit to the doctor for a blood test to eliminate the possibility of a chemical imbalance is in order. From there foods high in carbs and proteins and low on fat and sugars is the way to go,combined with a 2 hour a day,3 days a week  weight training should result in gains of muscle mass.For someone who is super skinny your looking at a huge intake of calories so eat,eat,eat even if your not hungry.Stay away from protein powders n stuff, a 3oz portion of cheese or skinless chicken supplies all the protein needed to build good muscle mass and it tastes better to.  
Marsh7 years ago
 We really need a little more info to give a really good answer. How much do you weigh? How tall are you? How old are you? All of these things are factors.
Is there a reason you're skinny like a life altering condition such as Diabetes, Spina Bifita or anything like that?
Let's assume you're relatively healthy and normal. Here's what it takes to get bigger....WORK!
Building muscle comes from over stressing it then letting it recover. Start with low weight to get a feel for how much you can lift. You're going to want to have enough weight that 3-5 reps of lifting the weight gets you so tired you can't lift it again without a rest. Be careful not to hurt yourself. Work your way up gradually, preferably with the assistance of someone who knows what they are doing.
The idea is that these lifts will create microscopic rips in the muscle tissue. As it rebuilds over the next couple days new and larger muscle mass will form. Here's a good article on the science behind  it...
If you embark on this route you'll need to fuel your body with the proper nutrients to do the rebuilding. The RDA of the 4 basic food groups will do for starters and add protein sources (meat) the more lifting you do.
Endurance exercises like running, cycling and climbing don't do much to give you size, but they can give you quite a bit of definition and maybe that's all you really need.
Whatever you end up doing, start slow and progress your way in to more advanced levels of effort and make sure you have fun with it.