Im about to buy my first car. It's come down to 3 '90s cars: Ford Aspire, Dodge Spirit, & a Geo Storm. Which is best?

I just need to get around town and (being a college student) go home once in a while to visit my family. They're all in fairly good shape and pretty ugly.

automd7 years ago
If I were you I would get the one with the best mpg's and with the best fuel efficiency.. Ford does not have that much of the best mileage and fuel efficiency.
Stew28 years ago
Of the three I mostly see Aspires on the road if that is any indication of durability. I would get a mechanics inspection on the one you choose before you buy though, maybe save yourself some surprises down the road. As an aside, I don't know how similar a Spirit is to a Shadow, but on the late model Shadow I had, everything that could go wrong did...
jeff-o Stew28 years ago
Along those lines, ask a mechanic which one s/he'd choose. They can usually recall which cars are clunkers and which are worth spending money on.
lemonie8 years ago
Look at what you're getting for the money, get insurance quotes, check mpg. Only you can judge what's a good deal at point of sale.
Maybe will help you?