Im almost always bored and im looking for somthing to build please give me a suggestion! :)

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macman8087 years ago
in about one day i will be publishing an instructable on how to make a gauss gun.

trust me they are fun as :-p
acidbass7 years ago
some one PLEASE take my advice and build a fort or a shelter underground or a bomb or a gun(real not knex) or light a dumpster on fire or build a flamethrower
if you can help me with my mini missile silo problem, I will do it. pretty much for sure. That would be sweeet.
that would be awesome have an underground batcave or something
btw, this is my silo Q. I'll build it if I can get design help.
do you have the equipment
Why not take your own advice?
well my problem is that my parents dont pay for my projects and i do not have a constant source of income year round (yet)
A Catapult.
or really anything that launches anything else. potatoes, water bottles, small annoying dogs... ;) there's plenty of resources for that sort of thing here. I would really like to see a good Gauss gun.
pyro=fire (author) 7 years ago
wow i got answers fast thanks and acid bass im going to try toand make a flame thrower ill send u the instructable. Thank-you everyone!
GrotBox7 years ago
Find some currently unused "stuff" lying around your house, then set yourself the challenge of making something really useful/fun out of it without buying anything else - you will have to improvise, make do, beg or swap any other stuff that you need to make your project. Most importantly, use your own enormous imagination instead of relying on others!
So you're on the Instructables website, THE resource for stuff to do and make, and can't find an idea ?
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caarntedd kcls7 years ago
harry887 years ago
build something from junk