I'm building a desk with drawers. i want the drawers to be electronically motorized to open and shut. any ideas?

I'm building a desk with drawers. i want the drawers to be electronically motorized to open and shut, but can also be open manually with out messing up the motor. Any ideas, i have a good one with pully and cables system but it takes up to much room, i want motorized sliders, anyone with ideas how to build one? i can buy and build this in my college, sky the limit as long as its effective and cheap. yes i will have them hooked to circuit boads... Also need the drawers to lock.... and idea's for hinges that will open and shut electronically. throw ideas, anything helps?

- yes i have the pully system idea's
- i'm trying to build motorized sliders
- motorized hinges

i have a shop boat cutting everything and pre drilling all holes. and i can inlay room in th3 side wall *not much only a 1/4" into the wall.

Pictures help, even if you draw it, just make it clear so i can understand and explain with it.


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rickharris6 years ago
iceng6 years ago
Micros are so handy,  watching close the closing current,  they can
avoid the need for band aides.to stop in involuntary voiding of
your precious bodily red fluids.
Vyger6 years ago
Are you going to have an emergency reverse button for when you get one of your body parts in the way while it closes? If you try and get the joint aligned with the edge of the drawer when it mercilessly grinds shut you might be able to only amputate the finger or toe rather than crush it. Amputations can be sown back on, crush injuries often can't be repaired.
There actually might be a reason for auto drawers to not be in high volume production.
iceng6 years ago
Aircraft steering uses a slip clutch that can engage an electric magnet with enough ft-lbs to lift me out of the seat.
Use a rack and pinion or a stringer to push pull your drawer and a simple lift latch to unlock.


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knife1416 years ago
I'm not sure if this would meet your needs or not, but the threaded rod could terminate into a screw or bolt head that is recessed just beneath the drawer. The drawer could be opened with a drill or cordless screwdriver, or in an emergency a screwdriver or socket and spinner. Not sure it this meets your needs or not.
Linear actuators can be used for the draws. They can be quite expensive so you can make them by attaching a threaded bolt to a stepper motor. When you turn on the motor the bolt will spin, that will push a nut (attached to the draw) up and down the rod. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/4f/Linear_actuator_basic.gif

With the hinges all I can think of right now is two linear actuators with cords      
just like your elbow joint (this wouldn't look good).