I'm going to have my Science Fair, so it has to be of the theme of PHYSICS, can you help me? Please

Please, be very original!

orksecurity5 years ago
Tried websearching?

Tried asking your teacher for some general ideas?
jeff-o5 years ago
A rube goldberg machine!  Be as creative as you can with the energy transformations.
lemonie5 years ago
You do the originality in this, it's your project.
Some ideas: Fair/


If I come up with a very original idea, I'll submit it under my own name. If somebody else comes up with an original idea and needs help implementing it, that's a whole different thing.
caarntedd5 years ago
Cat in a box? Not an original idea, but has anybody actually done it? : D
acidbass5 years ago
 just an idea but depending on your age you can look up some low cost physics experiments and do that