I'm looking for any help in building a laptop. Suggestions? Answers? Volunteers?

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NachoMahma8 years ago
. I concur with the rest - possible, but not at all practical. . If you still want to try, GF's briefcase PC would be a good project to get your feet wet on and see what some of the difficulties in DIY miniaturization are.
You wouldn't be the first person to want to do this. Lots of people have made it their goal over the years. That said, nobody I know of has done it successfully. I can think of a few examples of kit-built portable computers that fit in briefcases, but this was in the 80's and not comparable to computers of today.

Ok, so... how can this be done? First, you'll need a little experience in building PC's, and preferably some experience working with miniature form-factors.

The "briefcase" model could be done (and has been, see link). Basically, it's just what it sounds like... the guts of a PC stuffed in a briefcase with an LCD monitor. This much is actually pretty easy if you buy a mini-ITX motherboard and small-form-factor components. If you make enough room, you might be able to install a battery and an inverter plus a small computer power supply, or better yet a battery and a custom power-supply.

Making a smaller laptop, as in something similar to what you see on store shelves will require expensive laptop parts, or a lot of sacrifices with regular PC parts.

Link to a briefcase PC:
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
just buy a laptop with a crap CPU, low RAM, and Small hardrive upgrade the laptop by changing the CPU, adding maximum RAM, and switching the HDD
caitlinsdad8 years ago
Not saying it can't be done, but unless you have the resources of an engineering dept and fabrication process at hand, it would be difficult to build a laptop. There are no kits available for the average user because laptops are highly integrated designs unique to each company that makes one. The miniaturization of a full size computer into one circuit board crammed into a tiny case makes it difficult to even reuse just a good display panel from a broken laptop to make something else. If you are thinking about making a tiny-sized PC that is portable, you might want to look into mini-ITX motherboards to base your design off of. You would have to pair that up with a regular LCD panel display. Good luck.
Thats gonna be hard. I'm not sure if there are any non model specific cases out there, and you would have to get a custom motherboard so it would fit. If you do try to do this it will cost a LOT of money so my advice would be to build a traditional desktop or buy a laptop.