Im looking for something green and easy to make out of recycled materials?

Im good

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beaker69715 years ago
I get old solar yard lights from people. They usually just throw them away when they quit working. A little soldering and some creative construction have yielded me about 20 or so solar panels, ranging from 32 to 150 watts. I've considered making an instructable on this many times
LeighaB8 years ago
Here is a video on how to make grocery shopping bags out of tshirts.  Helps get rid of all of those plastic shopping bags and a great way to recycle your old tshirts.  Here is the link:
phalanx4478 years ago
How about a composition notebook. It's practical, it doesn't take long, it is customizable, and easy to do.
CrawdadMan8 years ago
You could use some old fabric and sew it into a bean bag chair. Maybe even tye die it!!! For the beads get some of that no good useless styrofoam packing which takes like a zillion years to turn back to anything natural. put that stuff in your bean bag chair and jump up and down on it. It might not feel so smooth at first ,but once you use it for a while it will be smooth and comfy. You may also want to sew a zipper in there so that you can add more styrofoam.
msw1008 years ago
You have'nt said what kind of materials or how much. what about this