Im looking to make a joystick controlled panning and tilting camcorder?

I work at a company that does video taped conferences, and its one person working a sound system, a recording device(captures video and audio, as well as slideshows) and a video camera. It can get kind of hard to work all 3 devices at the same time depending on where i can actually set up.

I would like to use a joystick or something similiar, any ideas for the best options to do so?

I asked this earlier this week and it would up under photography.

Thanks for any assistance

mman15068 years ago
do you meean anlog or digital . anlog: 2 steppers connect to a arcade joystick' digital: parllax servo controller and usb joystick with some programming and a camera rig (check out make mag)
Z1ggy (author)  mman15068 years ago
Not sure which way to do it. I just need to move the camera, everything else will be taking care of. Which issue of make mag? or is it on their website? How would i connect the 2 steppers to an arcade joystick?
mman1506 Z1ggy8 years ago
sorry ill re do that bascally you cant wire steppers to a joystick because stepper run with pulses .the easirer way is to use parallax or other servo controller and aerial photography rig (many designs all overe the web and make magazine) and you need roborealm to interface the joystick to the servo controller
caitlinsdad8 years ago if you want to buy it. If you make it, you will need some stepper motors/controllers and fine increments for smooth panning. Don't know if you can rig up the zoom unless the camera has a remote. Good luck.