I'm trying to make black iron oxide FE304 and using the method of electrolysis.

I'm trying to make black iron oxide FE304 and using the method of electrolysis i'm using salt water and two washers for the electrodes, however my oxide instead comes out as dark green?It is magnetic, but only with a strong magnet.Is there any way of making black iron oxide with this method?thanks?

I should not i am trying to make ferrofluid.

Burf1 year ago
I can't say positively, but the fact that you say it is green in color makes me think you are getting ferrous chloride tetrahydrate. You probably need to use a different electrolyte.
Burf Burf1 year ago
I forgot to mention, if the washers are galvanized, don't use them, get some unplated iron.
mrn (author)  Burf1 year ago
I don't know if there galvanized or not, I will try something else though,

Also I read somewhere that by adding a solution of NoAH it would turn orange oxide into black, however they said NoAH could be made from using salt as a electrolyte.

But I will try something else.

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