In desperate need of a recipe for cat food for a cat with liver disease

I've always taken good care of my animal friends. This little kitty is still very much alive but we know she won't last forever with liver disease. If I buy the canned stuff from the vet I can extend her life. I've made dog food for sick dogs (heart failure). I am willing to put in the time and effort to maintain my kitty's life. It's the money for the food I don't have. Please help me out. BB and I would be extremely grateful for any help.

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Vyger6 years ago
I am not sure about the nutritional needs. Are there some specifics?

My daughtor moved back in with me for a few years while in "transition" and her cat that came with her had some digestive problem. Just about everything he ate he barfed up again. I did some experimenting and found a mix that worked really good for him. I used a good dry food with a high protein content and pulverized it in a food processor. Then I added equal parts of milk and olive oil and mixed it until it was a soft paste. He loved it and usually managed to keep it down. I think it was in large part due to the olive oil. The really nice part, besides him living happy for a while was that we were no longer stepping in barf in the middle of the night. I hope it helps.
Vyger6 years ago
Blue and Mini Blue
Vyger6 years ago
I also found this article. I don't know if this helps.
rosec (author)  Vyger6 years ago
BB passed away Thursday at 3PM at the vets. She couldn't move and had gone into shock. I tried my best. Rose
rosec (author) 6 years ago
Thank you Vyger for your suggestions. I did check out the site you mentioned and I found that what you fed your cat was right in line with their suggestions for homemade cat food. My vet did not give me any specifics, he wanted me just to buy his cat food. But I think that you have the right idea about getting a good protein food. I know I sound silly but BB isn't my most favorite cat. But I would no more neglect her needs than I would a child. BB is one of 9 cats and was named BB because she bears the pellets of BB's under her skin. Some people!!!! I'm going to check out some info at the library on Tuesday. I wonder if liver disease in people is similar to liver disease in animals?