In first grade we made an art project. I'm hoping someone can help me find out the name of the craft.

We took a penny and embedded it in a clear liquid. It was a paper weight. No idea what the clear material was.. When it was dried it was hard as a rock. Anyone know what this craft is called? Thanks:)

kelseymh8 years ago
Ninzerbean got it right. For something really clear, you probably want to look for "acrylic resin" (put that into Google).
Ninzerbean8 years ago
Resin, easy to obtain at a marine store or home depot type store. Comes in two parts, one is a powder, you mix according to instructions etc. You will need a mold to pour it into and that part I don't remember how it was then released. Try googling "resin for embedding objects" or maybe polymer resin or epoxy resin.