In what way is the scientific/technological community putting the Schumann Resonances to use?

Apparently the whole earth has electromagnetic resonances, like a big ol' magnetron cavity. Wouldn't that be terribly useful? I can't think of quite how, myself, but the significance feels imminent.

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robotguy48 years ago
I have a feeling that Auroras are connected to this, as they are thought to be connected to the magnetic field of Earth and the ionosphere.

Turns out, back in 1859, telegraph operators in Boston and Portland were able to use the current induced by an Aurora to communicate for two hours...

Ham radio operators have had problems with charge, however, some guy was able to charge batteries off of this. I can remember where I saw that article...

Maybe here or in the comments?
V-Man737 (author)  robotguy48 years ago
Wow, one lightning bolt will send that guy's house to the stratosphere! LOL Good link.
lemonie8 years ago
Did you read the whole article? L
V-Man737 (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Yes, but all I could find is how we "use" it to study the phenomenon itself, and (in a vague way) the earth's overall lightning activity. The comparison to a magnetron cavity implies a more exciting and direct use. Have we not yet enslaved this natural phenomenon for the advancement of technology?

There are a lot of words and some links (not all working for me). If you've got ideas what are you thinking of? The stuff that people have done is searchable (some of it is dodgy-looking though), but as a phenomenon it isn't necessarily directly useful. E.g. there's a lot of energy in lightning, but harnessing it isn't that easy to do... L
V-Man737 (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Yeah, the dodgy stuff I noticed, but that's just silly. We ought to be able to cook our food with it, or use it as a radio telescope, or perhaps mooch off a wireless internet signal in Madagascar... Not help Naruto realign his chakra.
I think this is rather weak for cooking with, don't know about the radio thing. Chakra, well you said it. L
OnetruthO2 years ago
TWL5 years ago
It is no accident that the main Schumann resonance (8.33 HZ) is an exact match for the human alpha brain wave frequency. It is also no accident that a brain wave frequency of approximately 2.0 HZ is essential to human health including freedom from Alzheimer's, fibromyalgia syndrome, Parkinson's, chronic fatigue and depression. The strength of the Schumann 8.33 HZ increases by a factor of ten for each 1 degree C increase in global temperature "drowning" out the mind generated 2.0 HZ frequency. This can be overcome with a relatively simple magnetic wave generator.
Doubting Thomas??
The incidence of Alzheimer's increased by 160% from 1908 to 2008. Look up global warming for that period of time and plug the numbers in. You will no longer be a doubting Thomas!!!