In your experience, what time of the day is best for brainstorming?

Hi I love this class and thank you so much for this! My question is, do you have specific time in a day where you feel you are most creative? I want to do brain-storming when I first wake-up and go for a little walk outside under the sun, or in the bathtub...I would like to hear your experience...thanks!

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Paige Russell5 months ago

Such a great question! I would say from talking to members of my design community about that very thing over the years, that everyone is different, and as a result, there's no one time that will work for every mind.

For myself, I'm most creative in the afternoon, after my brain has fully woken up and done some exercises (aka, other work). I love sitting in a coffee shop (a neutral setting) and sketching, as I find the bustling around me provides energy that helps push my pencil around on the paper.

I also think that you can help your brain get better at brainstorming at any time of day by throwing in a dash of discipline and doing it regularly. I knew a writer once who wrote every weekday from 9am - 5pm, with a 1/2 hr lunch break. Sometimes he'd throw out everything he wrote that day, but his thinking was that by being consistent with his output, he would deliver a finished product sooner than if he only wrote when he was feeling inspired.

I haven't achieved this level of brainstorming discipline yet, but continue to work on it! :D

I say to get started, go with the path of least resistance and use the times that you are most naturally inclined to be creative!

Happy inventing!

peprat123 (author)  Paige Russell5 months ago

wow thank you for your answer!

Paige Russell5 months ago

P.S. I also highly recommend watching this TED talk on the challenges of creativity.


peprat123 (author)  Paige Russell5 months ago

I just saw the this is so inspiring...I often get ill when I do creative work...maybe my brain & body does not have enough capacity to deal with this divinity source for prolonged period of time...I will now try to distance myself and see it works...

Swansong5 months ago

For me, about 2 AM to be honest ^.^;