Induction heating formula

Hello,I have a project on induction heating (cooktops) and I am struggling to find a formula that combines the power consumption, the temperature difference of the heated material and the time. Anyone please?

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You will struggle. Its intractable, too much depends on too many variables - coupling efficiency, materials etc.

Once power coupling IS established, the rest is standard physics.
harris_tsil (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
What I want to find out is the energy consumption to heat an iron pan at 60 and 100 oC.

Unfortunately I am not at all good at physics, I am a business student
Try to email a company that manufactures stove tops. They'll tell you. I've emailed all kinds of companies for ordinary things like that and found most of them very co-operative. I'm always polite and demonstrate a good motive and they (mostly) reply.

Doubtless there's a formula but I do not know what.

And you can make aluminum fry pans levitate 3" above the surface.
Go to the nearest store that sells them, and ask.

The ring will have a nominal output power - that might help make a guess at it. get some numbers for the typical power and come back, and I'll take a stab at it for you.