Infinite Rotary Switch?

I'm looking for the search term I need to find a "Rotary Switch" That spins very smooth and will keep spinning indefinitely like a volume control switch.

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bradleynelson102 (author)  Jack A Lopez2 years ago

Thank you that is exactly what i'm looking for.


Samiran2 years ago

use the Mouse Wheel of a Computer Mouse.

iceng2 years ago

Actually you sound like someone who wants a frictionless contact switch for making a machine turn forever with no power. If you want to do this, it will not work.

bradleynelson102 (author)  iceng2 years ago

I'm aware of the laws of thermodynamics

Then pass across the bridge that spans the free energy gorge and welcome to our reality.

Non-stop 360 degree rotary switch, you will need to enter the number of poles and positions to get the one you want, like this one on Ebay.