Install Intel Desktop Control Center?

How do i install Intel Desktop Control Center? I have the correct one, but when i run the setup, it goes and then disapears. Its still in my dock thing at the bottom... Why is this? And, when i click on it, nothing pops up. Its as if its there but not there. PLEASE HELP! Thankz!!!

orksecurity7 years ago
Contact whoever you got this software from.
sci4me (author) 7 years ago
It is software that allows you to overclock intel without using bios.
I have tried installing it on a windows xp home edition with service pack 3.
The "dock-thing" is the blue bar at the bottom of the screen next to the start menu. i forgot what it was called. lol.
lemonie7 years ago
Insufficient information.
What is this?
What have you tried to install it on?
What is the "dock-thing"?