Instructable Length?

What would you recommend for an instructable length? How many steps? Can there be too many steps or too much detail per step?

I am working on a project that I want to do a write up on, but it is a fairly involved project (designing the project, metal work, wood work, electronics, and coding). In my project, there are 2 main components of the project. If the length starts to become too long, would it be better to break the instructable into 2?

jessyratfink3 months ago

Honestly, I'd put it all together in one instructable! I am not sure there can be too many steps. Most readers will assume that more steps = more instructions and no one can be upset with that. Longer instructables always seem to do well. :)

You are right in that there can be too much detail per step, though! I'd try to break it down so you have 3-4 pictures on each step max. Trying to describe what's going on in a wall of photos can be tricky for both you and the reader since you have to click to display more than 3-4 photos.

I'm looking forward to what you make :D

mttwsmth203 months ago

Your lenth of time should be one month.

dfaszer (author)  mttwsmth203 months ago

Sorry, but your answer doesn't make any sense to me. What should be one month?

I moreso meant, how many steps would be considered too long. How much text in one step is too long?

synapslap dfaszer3 months ago
I wouldn't say there would need to be any text exception of dimensions and possibly a torque spec