Instructables allowed html code?

Just wondering, could I insert my own html code onto an instructables project and have it work? I mean, mostly everything is already available on the text-editor, but will any html code work? :)

ChrysN5 years ago
Yes, I've used it to add inline images, I've seen others use it to change the colour and size of the font, just try it out and see what works. Add the html when your in the rich editor and click Source.
astroboy907 (author)  ChrysN5 years ago
This text is red

Text. Random Text. Nothin much to see here. Except I'm STYLED! :)

Hmm- CSS seems to work too. Yay!

astroboy907 (author)  astroboy9075 years ago
Lol- I think just changed my settings for text :)
lemonie5 years ago
Yes, experiment with it.