Instructables appearing on other websites?

Recently I have found my instructables, and those of many others, on a couple different web sites:  and

I couldn't figure out exactly what those web sites are supposed to be.  They would have  a portion of the first part of an instructable, along with a  link to it on the actual instructables web site.  Both of these sites kind of looked like they might be some kind of collection of DIY type material from Instructables and other similar sites. 

Does anyone know what these sites are?  It just made me curious when I came across them while Googling stuff.

astroboy9076 years ago
They probably have an RSS feed from instructables to their website- I found mine over there and it was just posted to the website. I could RSS feed recent instructables and I could probably get an email for every recent instructable posted (but there are so many I would get quite a few)
Either that or they liked it and took the time to post it, like Dr Pepper and Nutrition Man said.

Sites like those are a notch lower than content farms, if you can believe it - they scrape other people's content for the hits. Not hard to automatically get the most recent projects and dump them to their site as "new" content.
Dr. Pepper6 years ago
There is also Engadget. They sometimes have cool stuff from Instructables on their website.

NatNoBrains6 years ago
People have liked your 'Ibles and have shared it with their DIY community.