Instructables has something for you! personal info?

Hello, I got a message(pasted below) saying I can get a card!:P The link transfers me to a page asking for a load of personal information, what will become of my info?

Congratulations, wants to send you a 2014 Halloween Postcard! To celebrate Halloween, we're sending you a postcard in the mail! It's like trick or treating without actually visiting your home. But we can have the mail carrier visit as our proxy! (Whether you offer candy is up to you.) Please fill out your name and address by clicking the link. We'll be printing the cards on Friday the 17th, so get us your details before then.**************** Please note, we need your information within 1 week. After this time prizes will not be eligible for claim. Thanks for being part of our community! Instructables Team @ Autodesk |

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wilgubeast3 years ago

We'll use it to send you a postcard.

That's it. We do this every year as a way to say thank you to our best authors and commenters and anyone who wants a card.

knutknackebröd (author)  wilgubeast3 years ago

so why would you need a phone number?

We don't need it. (We would if it were a package rather than a card. That gift notification system is usually for contest winners and larger shipments than postcards.)

Fill out all 6's if you like.

knutknackebröd (author)  wilgubeast3 years ago

thank you!^^

why didnt i get a notice then?

Fewer than 25 comments and no featured instructables in the past year. And you didn't comment on the forum topic asking for one by the cutoff date.

oh ok maybe next year then

iceng3 years ago

I filled out and happily received a neat postcard last year.

It is a fun membership perk to this awesome site.

If that Scares you, put some of that armour you make while filling out your mail address :-D