Instructables iPad/iPhone app.

Hey, is there anyone out there that can write a iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app that would automatically sign into Instructables, and show all steps?

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dworley4 years ago
mhammed15 years ago
OMG this is my problem
adon35 years ago
There is a way that you can get instructables as an app:-

1:- First go to instructables home screen on safari.
2:- Then tap the arrow inside the square button on the upper left corner of safari.
3:- Then tap add to homescreen.

rrjwilson6 years ago
What I do not understand is I have the instructables app on my iPhone but when I search on my iPad it is not in the app store for either :s
estructor6 years ago
This isn't an answer, it's to second the motion. Am I wrong or is it impossible to make an instructable with pictures by working directly from the iPad? Is the posting method on this site Flash based? Because photos don't seem to upload when I've tried to post an instructable from iPad. Is there a stand-alone photo uploader, or an e-mail method for getting photos submitted? I may be missing something, but it seems I only succeed working from a conventional laptop, in my case using Windows OS.
conradev7 years ago
I was going to write an app for Instructables, but after talking to Instructable's founder, I found out one is in the works.
REA7 years ago
or maybe a mobile version of the site thats iphail/ipad compatible.
bmlbytes7 years ago
Great idea. I would write something, if only Apple didn't limit the Software Development Kit to Macintosh computers.