Instructables spell checker not working for me?

Editing an Instructable, when I click on ABC button "spell check in progress ... flashes in window for a few seconds, then it goes away, and then nothing.  

Happens on 2 different computers, win xp with both IE8 and Chrome.  

Is there some secret need to know ??

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xiaoyuandlg3 years ago
I think you are claiming a spell checker control.
I just use Firefox's built in checker.
Kiteman6 years ago
Have you thought that, maybe, you didn't actually make any spelling mistakes?

Otherwise, like Lemonie, I use the FF dictionary add-on.
lemonie6 years ago

I use the Firefox spell-check, I've never pressed that button...

Vyger6 years ago
Instructables recommends that you use Firefox as the browser for this web site. Problems with Internet Explorer are not unusual.
iceng Vyger6 years ago