Interfacing Arduino and vending machine coin mechanism?

Just wondering if anyone's ever done it or could point in the right direction. I've done a fair bit of searching but haven't found quite what I'm looking for, or at least at the level I can understand yet. Thank you!

yan034 years ago
Hi there ! You can check for this kind of coin acceptor : ( ) these a serial interface on it so you can put this on arduino easily !!
ppafford8 years ago
I would like to join any efforts, is there a current project you're working on?
orksecurity8 years ago
If you have the mechanism, you should be able to figure out what switches get closed when each kind of coin goes through it. Easy enough to have the arduino watch for switch closures. Remember to debounce, either in hardware or software, to prevent double-counting if the switch has a bit of jitter.