Parhydrogen is what?

So this is a plan for a hydrogen reaction chamber, my question is what is the optional attachment at the bottom?

Picture of Parhydrogen is what?
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kelseymh7 years ago
As orksecurity says, it's nonsense.  Parahydrogen and orthohydrogen are, respectively, the spin-singlet and spin-triplet states of molecular hydrogen.  They are utterly irrelevant for any kind of chemistry.  They matter for things like NMR (MRI) where you have a strong magnetic field and you use the spin precession signal for readout.

The fact that this diagram is labelled that way, with misspellings and all, and without any kind of magnetic or RF system included, is a guaranteed sign of wacko pseudo-scientific nonsense.

You'd be better off downloading plans for a flux capacitor to install in your Delorean.
DRY HHO7 years ago
The diagram at the bottom shows the pulse generator...which according to the original plans developed by Canadian scientists (circa 1970's) , says that the pulse generator is one of the key parts to their design. We now that it is optional because the hydrogen generator can obviously function with any current attached to it. Check out more at history and dry hho info at dry hho
orksecurity7 years ago
It appears to be a typo for "parahydrogen", which goes along with the fact that "off" is missing from the phrase "off-the-shelf".

Given that sloppiness, and that parahydrogen is a _spin_ isomer, this trips every bogometer I've got.

But did you read this claim?
It will be producing H20 steam and unburnt 02, hence it will be cleaning the environment, rather than dumping nauseous toxins into it. Plus you will be helping to save our dwindling supply of atmospheric oxygen. Any excess vapour in the reaction becomes either steam or oxygen. You can also expect to be receiving more than casual interest from those around you.


"Nauseous toxins"? What's making their little toxic tummies upset?

And let's not forget "You can also expect to be receiving more than casual interest from those around you."  That's right folks, this miraculous device not only gives you fuel for nothing and protects the environment from oxygen loss, it will also get you laid! NOW what would you pay? Order now and receive a Salad Shooter as our free gift to you!
In another person's universe anything is possible.

I've already started procuring parts and cleaning off my work bench for one of these.
Oh darn, I've just looked closer at the diagram.  It's a  "Prahydrogen" enhancer.  I need to enhance my "Parhydrogen".  So close.
Ah, sequestering that evil Hydrogen to ...somewhere else.  (all while letting the noble (irony) oxygen out!

The word "bogometer" has just been added to my personal lexicon.
lemonie7 years ago
They don't seem to be considering where the electrical energy comes from, and admit there are mistakes in places. I wouldn't bother with this look for something that reads better and shows pictures of something built.
E.g. which describe the kit as supplemental fuel and claim % savings rather than the crap associated with the "prahydrogen" thing.