Invent an ice cube big enough to fit in a big gulp type cup or make smaller freezer container so ice won't melt in drink

You know those square blue reusable freezer things you put in your kids lunch bags? Something like that for a Big Gulp Cup only round.

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Burf6 years ago
Fill one of those half size zip lock sandwich bags about 3/4 full of water. Zip it closed, freeze it and then drop the works in your cup and fill the cup with your favorite beverage. When you finish your tasty beverage, pull the bag out and re-freeze it.
aprilsflower1958 (author)  Burf6 years ago
Sounds like a winner! Thanks! p.s. if you still use ice cube trays, I put a little Nonstick Spray in the trays to keep them from sticking. (:
Why not take a big gulp cup and place a smaller size cup inside of it. Fill with water and freeze. Once it's frozen remove the smaller cup and you have a big gulp ice tube you can then pour your drink into. Keep it simple.
Mike736 years ago
You could probably use a regular balloon. I don't know if they're really food safe, but most of them are made from latex, so it shouldn't be a problem. Good thing about balloons is, they inflate to the desired size when filled with water. They are also totally leakproof when you close them with a knot. As water expands and shrinks depending on temperature, the balloon should probably be agood idea due to its elasticity.
lemonie6 years ago

Is this a question?
The only questioning I see is You know those square blue reusable freezer things you put in your kids lunch bags?
-Yes we do.

You could use a plastic food container to create a large ice cube. I've seen some of those "disposable" types that hold about 1 cup. The plastic they are made of is flexible enough that you could easily dislodge the frozen contents from the container into you big cup. It would be kind of like one of those big rings or cakes of ice you see in a punch bowl.

I don't know about trying to make a "reusable ice cube" like the blue reusable packs for putting into coolers. I wouldn't want to put something like that directly into my beverage, as sometimes they leak out whatever that gooy stuff is that is inside them. If you read the label, it probably contains a warning not to let it come in direct contact with the food.