Invisalign removal tips?

Just got my first set of Invisalign trays today and am close to giving up.  Two nails folded over backwards, and another  just tore to the quick... typing this is not easy.  Got home and tried to shape a toothbrush handle to what made sense (didn't work) and then yanked with a 000 crochet hook. (Visions of emergency rooms dancing in my head). I've just ordered a set of Outies, although  the reviews say the plastic is brittle and breaks easily.  So,  ible family,  you are  the people most likely to have come up with  the perfect tool or method. Please share your wisdom.

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canucksgirl5 years ago
Um... Something sounds VERY WRONG?!

You really need to see a dentist and/or a doctor.

PLEASE, don't do anything more (even if you think some advice you get to remove it yourself sounds good)...
mole1 (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Thanks, canucksgirl. Invisaligns are orthodontic 'invisible' plastic 'braces' that I'm supposed to remove and replace multiple times a day. .. like any time I eat or drink anything other than cool water. I'm supposed to just 'pop them out' with my fingernails - which is how I messed up three fingers in the orthodontist's office today. I agree that something isn't right here since it never occurred to me that the ability to cope with fingernails being torn back was required to get teeth fixed. The office staff were very breezy about it. "It gets easier." And obviously other people manage it. I want to know how they do it without bloody fingernails.
I do understand what they are and yes, they should come out with very little effort and certainly without ripping fingernails off! That's why I think they are either too small, or something else has perhaps gone wrong. If I were you, I would head back to the dentist office first thing tomorrow morning, or even go to a completely different dentist's office for help. You certainly don't want to risk damaging your gums or your teeth as a result. It's their job to ensure that you don't have these problems... :-)
mole1 (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
You were spot on, canucksgirl! Something WAS wrong. Too much of the curvature of the teeth was covered. I haven't been wearing them. A different assistant tried to get them off today and had a terrible time... and did not blow me off. After the trays were trimmed, I could manage them with only reasonable effort.
mole1 (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Thanks, I appreciate your feedback! Although my question has been rated "Worthless," it's a useful reality check. And, who knows, someone here may have a very nifty solution. ( I'll be seeing a dentist soon.)
No problem. But the "0" rating, is only because no one actually rated it and most people don't on questions (so no need to take that personally). :-)
dadoftwins5 years ago
I'm on a fifth set of invisalign and each one is hell to get off at first. I start on the side and then the other side and use both those to slowly take out the middle. I know it isn't much but it does get easier each time you put them on and take them off. My first set I was ready to go back to the dentist and insist something must be wrong.
Congratulations on your new diet plan by the way, something they don't bother telling you is that you just start eating less because it's such a bother taking the things off, then eating something, then brushing and flossing and putting the damn things in again. Not worth it for a cupcake.
mole1 (author)  dadoftwins5 years ago
Thanks, dadoftwins (and congratulations on being a dad of twins!) So the trays themselves become looser with use? Good to know.

Oh yes, these are definitely going to clean up my eating habits! Come to think of it, the people in their commercials ARE thin.