Is 11 old enough to have first kiss? Very mature!?

I am a mature 11 year old girl and I want to have my first kiss with a boy 11-13. A lot of people will like me on the curise I'm going on... I want to kiss somebody! I may seem desperate but I am just a pre-teen with hormones!

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Usernameeeeee2 months ago

Im twelve years old and female. I don't really want to have my first kiss just yet , maybe I'll wait until I'm older but i just wanted to know the appropriate age to kiss somebody. I only turned twelve about three weeks ago but there is something I want to ask. There is this boy in my class and we have SO MUCH in common. I hang out with him at lunch time and we just talk about anime and stuff. My friend keeps on telling me that's she sees something between us and that she thinks he likes me. She also keeps on telling me I like him but I don't even know if I do... I don't know how to know if I like him. He isn't that good looking so it wouldn't be a case of I fell for him because of his looks or something , I just like his personality and we like the same stuff. Shelf of me ses I like him both the other half doesn't. One time when I was texting him my face went red and started to get warm.. but that only happened once. So does anyone think I like him? Or could someone tell me how to know if I like someone? There are other things I could say but this is getting supper supper long!

iMolga11 months ago

Hey, I just turned ten, I have a crush who likes me back, I really want to kiss him! But I'm not sure.... I don't know what to do! PLEASE HELP

of corse you are I had my first kiss when I was 9 but I have always been a trouble maker but if you are I would recommend keeping it a secret

That's stupid.

like you?

This is idiotic. All these comments are all stupid. Please, you're not MATURE ENOUGH! I'm 12 and I actually TALK TO MY PARENTS about this stuff!! I understand what you're all going through with puberty and stuff, but don't block your parents out of your lives. They were little once too. You kids forget that. Always forget it. They've been through lots just like you as a kid, and they want to pass their experiences onto you, so you don't make a mistake. Once I get my own crush I was planning to negotiate my Do's and Don'ts with them, so maybe I CAN get a boyfriend. Just listen to the adults. They're here to help you.

so because your a year older than us we are kids and you aren't NO we are all pre-teens and yes i definitely think it is okay for 11 year olds to kiss and adults are usually to over protective for us to be able to ask them

I shy to say " Will you be MINE!! "

Yeah I'm 11, sometime this week I will be getting my first kiss from my girlfriend I'm sooooooooo exited!!!! We've only been together for a week... Honestly, I do think that you should be able to have you're first kiss at age 11.


I'm going to get my first kiss at 11 or 12 and I'm 10

Me too.

what is with parents its just like its r life not yours

Talk to your parents become close to them then ask

im 11 too and I do have a girlfriend who is 11 too but I agree with you

TylerB961 year ago

I am only 10 and there is this really hot girl that I want to tell her that I love her but I don't want to seem weird. I also want to kiss her. But she moved away! So here's the story. On the last day of school last year, I had to leave early. Another kid in my class last year named Brandon went to the same football camp as me. And since I had to leave early, Kali (the girl I love) told Brandon to tell me that Kali likes me and she misses me! Good sign?

Hi my name is Brandon too XD and thats a good sign this is really wired because somone in my class is called kali too XD and i have a crush on a girl called rozalia shes so hot and sexy good luck bro for ur girl

Hi i am 11 and i think that is a good sign, some people told me the guy i like likes me and i think thats good, but it depends on you and her.

KaiB81 year ago

I am 9 I have all ready kissed 10 girls but don't rush it or seem desperate be cool about it and in a year or earlier you will get what you want

okay way to young

hittel1 year ago

hi i'm 11 too i want to kiss but it is your hormones if you didn't have hormones you wouldn't want to kiss. I get want your going through i was so close to kissing a boy he's the same age as me. I'v dated like 2 times and i broke up with him because he was thouching me in the rong place and he wanted to kiss me but i said no because you can get bad stuff on your lips.

okay If you can't stay in an steady relationship he is not worth it you need someone e you can trust

BigG41 year ago

I'm to shy to ask my crush out, PLEASE HELP

try talking to your crush become friends or play hard to get these are some of my methods

taywool BigG41 year ago

just get your friend to ask if you him for you

BolmerA4721 year ago

I understand what but you need to make your first kiss mean something wanting to kiss is normal i'm only 12 i had my first kiss at 11 it meant the world to me but you can't just play around with kissing it isn't something you want to do all the time

taywool1 year ago

I know a boy I think he likes me but I am not sure he is in year seven and I an in year five but he always gives me hug s I like him heaps what should I do

kiss at 11 huh? yeah for me you can. i'm 12 but i couldn't kiss anyone. so you can kiss at 11. mature enough.

i think u should be able to kiss at 11 I'm 11 and I've been talking to my boyfriend about kissing and were still undecided but I'm sure we will kiss and some people at my age do know what love is me and my boyfriend are in love

are you serious? 11? Ya'll know nothin about love so shut it. No it's not an appropriate age so don't do it. Why do you even date at 11? Ridicules

You REALLY know how to spell and use grammar, don't you, mate? I actually know what love is, unlike most people my age.

OMG im Bi and I need help coming out so if your gay could we talk?

Well, yeah. You should have the freedom to do that. I'm actually a male, and i kissed a guy. IT WAS AMAZING. So yes, you should have the freedom.

hottzyboy3 years ago

wow this was so great until stupid parents or adults came in and strted saying talk to a gardian. shut up. 90% of us arent even allowed to date i know im knot but i still do and im reading this caus i want to get my first kisss this week were taking crts and then it will be all chill so i can get her im 11 and amolst 12 and im dating.

I mean parents shouldn't't to interfere with our lives! I wouldn't be surprised if my parents won't even let me go to the park (that's only a few blocks away) ALONE with my girlfriend! And if they see us on our first kiss... I'm not gonna be living the rich kid life anymore like the rest of my family...

I know they shouldn't interfere with our lives my parents won't let me live the house with out my sisters.But they are trying to keep us safe.

Sooo True. Same ages, also.

Stupid right?

You don't even need a girlfriend in the first place. All you're going to do is be semi-friends and kiss.

OlgaP32 years ago

I think it is fine. I am 11 also and I want to have my first kiss with a guy I like. But why I think it is okay is beacuse there is this show called Gravity Falls and there is a character called Mabel and she had her first kiss when she was 12, in an episode.

rich_moe8 years ago
Are you sure you want a bunch of strangers answering such a personal request? I'd rather you talk to one/both of your parents or a guardian(s) for this, as each person's background is going to have values different from those your family has. They know you best, anyway. I think that such an important step is best left to you being able to talk to them about this.
LydiaS rich_moe2 years ago

Are you out of your mind!?!?! I'm going through the same thing!!!

I think that talking to parents is valuable, but I also think that our collective consciousness isn't necessarily worse than the parents'. I've met plenty of people whose parents wouldn't be the best people to go to for values.
why would u want to talk to ur parents about kissing? how un comfortable

They're here to help you idiot. They understand what you're going through. I talk to my mom about that stuff.

I know, right?

a12h34 rich_moe7 years ago
why would u do that
KyraM12 years ago

I am 11 and i have a boyfriend we have have dating for almost a year and only kissed once I really want to make a move but I'm nervous I don't know what to do

JohnO102 years ago

you guys need to calm down about this first kiss stuff. its not rly that big of a deal your going to have so many more kisses in your life just wait

Adrian31176 years ago
Im also 11 (boy) and if i really wanted to kiss someone i would wait for the right time and not some person you dont like just to get it over with i would make sure its somewhere out of school! And make it passionate and memorable.
what if you really liked someone from school

Seriously Smkirk123? My girlfriend is in my class and she site's directly a cross from me! And we even met a few years ago in school!

Just ask them out or if your to shy have a friend ask him or her
DropTheBeat3 years ago

im not quite 11, but 12, and i had my first kiss had my first kiss with my girlfriend last week, but i dont know if my parents are sure about it, and so yours. TIP: Dont tell them.


Yeah, I have had my girlfriend for a week now and I haven't told my parents: are you SURE that's good?

BUTTYI3 years ago

I am 12 and have kissed 3 girls already I think you are old enough

okay I'm 11 and I had my first kiss a few weeks's awesome but 11 is still pretty young..that's okay tho live life to the fullest✌️

DalekS13 years ago

I'm 11, just like you, and I want my first kiss. I'm maturing, but I really want that kiss with my girlfriend, who 11 also. What to do!?

Jevey_Wevey3 years ago

You're old enough to kiss but I'd be better to just wait. I'm 5 years late, though. :-P

im an 11 year old boy. I think you can be able to kiss just not for a really long time. I think if you are going out with this boy for 4 weeks or more you can kiss him on the cheek then he'll want to kiss you back maybe not at the moment, but maybe later

I had my first kiss when I was nine and I'm 11 now, just be gentle , I'm taken and yeh we kiss everyday and hug just be gentle , and u know what , I wasn't excepting a kiss from him but he held my hand and hugged me and kissed me , and were only 11 , just do it , u will like it ❤️?
XD wow so many little kids trying to kiss sad how our generation has grown so hurried to get in relationships... :P yeah sure lady go for it :P ._.
Ok so I had my first kiss on THE LIPS today and im 11,ITS AWESOME!
Do it don't worry!If you really like him and he really likes you it won't matter!!!
littlebecky4 years ago
Im 11 and my boyfriend kissed me in front of alot of people by my locker. i was scared at first but after a couple of times i got used to it. You should go for it good luck.
I had mine when i was 7, im 11 right now so maybe i guess its ok?
sepbabe968 years ago
i think you should go for it! if u like this gujy and wont to kiss him. do it! i had my first kiss this year well actully make out session. i was scared at first but youll be glad u did!
thats true but i she had to dump me cuz she moved to joberg
Hardk0rr5 years ago
Should I kiss my gf I hav been with her for a wile I wanted to know if she's ready I'm 12and she's 11
dude i mean chill out sit at a chilled place and just go stear her in the eyes go closer and itl happen hommie just wait 4 one of those momments
loveumorgan6 years ago
well i think that 11 is a good time 2 have ur first kiss. im 11 and a girl and had my 1st kiss with my boyf infront of every 1 im now not afraid 2 kiss him x but make sure that u r ready and dont rush it! i would also make sure that u now them and its not just a random guy! xx lu
awe thats kwl im a 11 year old dude by the way i had my frikken first kiss at 5 propper kiss ay my mom allowed it dame thats kwl
Hey i am 10 should I kiss my girlfriend haow should I do it
hey! well if u really want 2 kiss her then go ahed! but b4 u do make sure she is redy cuz 1 of my friends at scool is thinking of dumping her boyf cus hes do mad bout kissing and shes just not ready. but if u want 2 know how 2 do it i wuldent do it in public cos it qiute embarassing the 1st time and just go ahed and kiss her! xx lu
Thanks that helps alot but should I wait a little until i know she is ready
good 4 u x my freind still hasnt kissed her boyf but now that shes redy there going 2 kiss in there own time
Adjuster-X5 years ago
So wait for a day like valentines and if you have a middle school dance which I have in two days walk to him ask him to dance he puts his arms around you waist then you step up close to him and depending on Hightower you can either look into his eyes and lean in a little and if he does smooch it up or you can rest you head on his chest and um what's your name
I don't think one can really judge whether or not they are mature, maybe you are, maybe you aren't. It doesn't really matter. If you like the boy, and the time is right, then do it. If not, then don't. Don't spoil your first kiss on someone who you don't care about. Hope this helped.
JohnJY7 years ago
I'm really late! Don't do it! Save it for someone, if you don't; then what was the point?!
acidbass7 years ago
 pre teen with hormone related urges that is what you are experiencing right now dont worry about it though it will come in good time
Yo I Had MY First Kiss To Day And How I Did it I Told her to meet at a place where no one will go then you u I want to tell u a secret and then Kiss Him/Her On The Check u can do it on the lips but it a bit to far for me
Dr.Bill8 years ago
Try it you'll like it. Just don't kiss and tell.
yerjoking8 years ago
11 really isn't too old. BUT. Depends on the person. If you feel you are mature enough, go for it, if you feel you are not ready, clearly, you shouldn't. However, someone could answer my question as to why I am attempting to answer this question when I am only 14 myself...
110100101108 years ago
if you are old enough to get a really painful slap then you are old enough to kiss
thats weired!!
Kiteman8 years ago
As a teacher, I spend a fair amount of time untangling pre-teen romance problems.

The best advice I can think of is to wait and see - don't kiss somebody just because you want to know what kissing is like. They may expect more from you (I mean commitment-wise, not physically). Wait until you find somebody who attracts you, and who is also attracted to you.

You're going on a cruise? I guess holiday romances are as good a time as any to learn the basics, but remember to respect yourself and the other person. Be aware that whoever you hook up with will probably not want to carry on the relationship after the cruise, especially by email/msn. I believe you are probably old enough for kissing, but going any further is not wise, and probably not legal.

And take your gum out before you kiss.