Is $2000 worth it for a '95 YJ Jeep (Wrangler) with 187,131 miles? (no doors or roof)?

If it's in very good shape and runs, then yes $2000 is fair. If it has any major mechanical problems or rust... run away.
frollard8 years ago
Putzer8 years ago
NADA has it listed for $2600.00 average book. That being said, as a person in the used car business, I wouldn't spend over $2000.00. Keep in mind, that is buying to resell it. I don't know what you plan to do.
kelseymh8 years ago
Google Is Your Friend and gives you access to the Kelly Blue Book. Note that the KBB Web site has some scripting and cookie issues, but the interface is actually pretty good. Enjoy!