Is Call of Duty 2 for PC working right?

I have Call of Duty 2 (or COD2) for PC. I've had it running fine on my computer before. Then I got a virus and then had to run it again, which is this time. I put it into my disk drive...nothing happened. I went to device manager and it said that my two CD drives were not working properly. I uninstalled them and reinstalled them. I restarted my computer, put it in and nothing happened. When i go "My Computer" it says that the disk drive is empty. I have Windows XP.

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Did you wipe the HDD and reinstall everything. That's the best way to clear your system of a virus. If you didn't do a full wipe then the virus has affect things to the point you may need ot do a complete reinstall.
lil larry (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
I don't have a virus. I have norton, spy-bot, spy-bot 2 beta, glary utilities, and ad-aware. I ran a full scan on all of those. They just found a few tracking cookies. I ran them again...nothing. I put in other disks and they don't work. They work on my windows 7 though. I put COD 2 in my windows 7 computer, they only way to install it is to view the contents of the disk and run setup.exe as administrator, but not through the menu. I think it is partially the disk, but mostly the disk DRIVE. I will replace it with another when I get the chance.
I agree with mpilchfamily. If you say you had "a virus", it may still be on your machine (or enough remnants of it). Don't take Norton as the end-all-beat-all of protection. If the cause of all this mess was a virus, its probably set up to disable your drive so that you can't use your Window's disk to fix the problem...
lil larry (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
I don't have a virus. My CD and DVD drive is from 2001 (way old). I'm thinking that are worn out from 11 years of usage. I've wiped my computer two months ago. I don't want to wipe it again and lose all of stuff (e.g. pictures, videos, many optimisable settings).
If that's the case, you may have to swap out the drive, but I would also check if the current drive doesn't work in another machine. If it does, then you may still have other issues going on. If it doesn't, then the drive may have just packed it in. It happens...
lil larry (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
I put in the windows XP disk on start up. It loaded and gave me options. But the COD2 disk just doesn't load. I technically have two drive, but my mom physically damage that drive so you only can use one of the drives.
lil larry (author)  lil larry5 years ago
I fixed it. I had to delete two files from the disk drive file of the registry editor. NOT a virus...HA!
Okay, so it wasn't a virus... but don't forget you asked us for the help. We can't see your PC or do any diagnostics. We can only go by what you tell us. So perhaps next time, if you're certain its NOT a virus.... don't bother to mention that you had one!
lil larry (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Never said that I had a virus. Anyway, you guys were that ones who started the virus business by telling me it's a virus.
You might want to re-read what you typed...

"I have Call of Duty 2 (or COD2) for PC. I've had it running fine on my computer before. Then I got a virus and then had to run it again, which is this time. I put it into my disk drive...nothing happened."

So no, we didn't start by "telling" you it was a virus.

mpilchfamily "asked" you if you had cleared the HDD and reinstalled everything after you got the virus. Since you didn't answer the question, I commented...
+1, oh snap! :D Sorry I couldn't help myself. Besides it's entirely possible the virus he had put those registry files there, or all that unnecessary bloatware that failed to protect him from a virus did. Stuff just doesn't get added to the registry randomly.
No, files don't (usually) get added randomly to the registry (and neither does the phrase, "The I got a virus").
lil larry (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Well, how am I supposed to know whether it was a virus or not in the registry. I know almost nothing about it. I just thoroughly followed some instructions from some geeky website. Anyway, I ran my anti-virus and it said that they removed the virus. But after that it stopped working and the control panel said that it wasn't working properly. Half of the things you guys are talking about don't really make sense to me.
That's why I noted that we can't see your PC or do any diagnostics. We have to rely on what you said. You didn't give us much to go on (so the Ha! comment wasn't really called for). All you said was it worked, then I got a virus and now it doesn't work. What would expect us to say? ;-)
lil larry (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
The problem is need to make another.
HA! Okay then....
Viruses are tricky. They can alter and attach themselves to critical system files so when a anti-virus finds it and deletes it it cripples the PC. It can also add file into the system that look like system files so the anti-virus won't touch it then the virus keeps coming back and causing trouble.
no need for the attitude.
lil larry (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
What attitude. This is a text chat through the internet, my emotions don't travel through it, only my words do.
lemonie5 years ago
No; Call of Duty 2 for PC is not working right.

lil larry (author)  lemonie5 years ago
Oh no! I did not know.