Is Curry Good For You?

I am sure the onions, garlic, ginger and some of the meats are good for you. but the amount of oil is quite bad. So is Curry Good Or Bad for your health?

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There is much more to nutrition than "the oil" in a curry ! Recent research has found that the key chemical in Turmeric, curcumin, is a powerful agent with a role on moderating Alzheimers disease. As you say, garlic is good too, it contains powerful antibacterials, as does ginger. Steve
storkandowl8 years ago
mmm. now i feel like a curry! anyway, i found this article to be particularly helpful:
In addition to Joe Martin and NobodyInParticular's comments, opt for a tomato based curry such as Jalfrezi instead of a creamy curry, e.g. Korma. That'll knock off a bit of the fat content for you. ;-)
Joe Martin8 years ago
Good currys will not use hydrogenated oils and fats, which are the unhealthy type. Steer clear of these and you should be fine, Don't choose too spicy currys as this is bad for your body! Currys are good in moderation as of all foods.
Is (insert food here) bad for your health? The answer is no. What is bad for you is eating too much of one nutrient. For example, oil is a great source of calories. If you eat very little and are doing hard labor, you could probably use some more calories. If on the other hand, your hardest labor is lifting the remote control toward the television, you should probably choose some more vegetables instead. Do not eat more calories than you need. Do eat a moderate amount of a wide variety of foods.