Is a Stainless Steel pressure canner the same as a Stainless Steel cooker?

I want to learn how to do the canning of foods and have come across a Stainless Steel pressure canner but as I live in the UK I am wondering if this is the same as a Stainless Steel pressure cooker?

julibelle8 years ago
Pressure Canner vs Pressure Cooker...1st size, a pressure cooker will only hold 3 pint jars and maybe 5 1/2 pints, pressure canners are big, some up to 5 gallons. Most older pressure cookers have a 'rocking' vent and no gauge. When canning foods undr pressure you want to be able to measure the required pressure so you really need a guage. They do work the same way but when canning low acid foods or combining lo acid w higher acid foods you want to be able to measure and time your process/pressure. I can for a number of my local Farmers and want to say: if you are absolutly certain that you will be the only person to ever eat your product, go ahead, fudge the rules, don't measure your pH or time your process. On the other hand ,if you'd like to be able to share your goods; respect your giftees enough to protect them, follow the current rules, make delicious food, be safe. have a great time canning and putting up!
lemonie8 years ago
I believe they are pretty much the same thing. But if you quoted the specific details of your device we could be more certain. L