Is a bubble a liquid or a solid?

well what is it

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it's both. But over all it's a thing. It's kinda like saying what is a glass of water, liquid or solid
orksecurity8 years ago
The answer is "yes". A bubble is a layer of something (typically liquid, but not necessarily) surrounding gas and surrounded by gas. An antibubble is a layer of gas surrounding and surrounded by the other substance (again, typically liquid).
NachoMahma8 years ago
. No. It's a shape (hollow sphere). It is a geometric solid, but that's a different kind of solid.
. The wall of the bubble can be liquid (eg, soap bubbles) or solid (eg, ping-pong balls). Can't think of a good example of a gas.
ball lightning plasma as a gas wall? I cant think of a gas bubble existing, as they expand to their container - they don't readily form you say :D
kiwiowl8 years ago
The inside of a bubble is neither, it's a gas - normally air. The outside (film) of a bubble is a liquid as it occupies the shape it chooses.