Is a driver required to run a USB WIFI adapter?


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ankur28936 years ago
Why do u need a usb wifi device? what i suggest is u download connectify me ( and without a router u can have wifi. ofcourse ur laptop/pc should have an adapter
lemonie7 years ago
Any USB device requires drivers at the PC end. Many will run with generic drivers already installed, those which don't should come with their own (e.g. on a CD)

skaterdp1 (author)  lemonie7 years ago
 T hank You for your input I relly appreciate it, as I am a definite Beginner at all this computer stuff although I am trying. Might you be willing to suggest to me the best inexpensive route to take for free wifi? I have an old satellite dish and I'm wating to recieve the usb adaptor I thought I would try the adaptor in the old fire extinguisher have 20' of usb cable will this get me free wifi> Also where can I learn how to set up wireless settings? Thanks Again skaterdp1
Free wifi can be found in several retail premises (I know a pub offering it), I think places like McDonalds will? But someone is paying for it, so they expect you to buy something.
Hijacking a neigbour's wifi may be possible but they'd block you if they found out / considered you might try

+1. Some come with the OS some come with the adapter.
skaterdp1 (author)  seandogue7 years ago
 Thank you for your info I appreciate it greatly Thanks
Burf7 years ago
Yep. But most O.S. have a basic driver that will work, though if the device came with a disk containing a driver, it is usually preferable to use that.
frollard Burf7 years ago
Windoze, mac-os, and linux all have a generic driver, and I prefer it to the bloatware that comes with a lot of stuff - Windows does a pretty good job of wifi management, and those other programs with fancy gui's and crap just waste resources.