Is aluminum mesh okay to use for composting?

Today I'm making a combination of 2 compost bins posted on this site-a rotating bin (bought a plastic garbage can) with wooden x frames at the ends-poll through it to spin it-I cut 6 rectangles lengthwise and want to cover them with aluminum mesh. Is aluminum okay to use for composting?

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kricketone8 years ago
NO, it would brake down with heat,moisture , and the salts thats in the compost would suggest you use stainless steel.
kevinhannan8 years ago
by mesh I'm assuming you mean with holes in it. Sorry to be pedantic, but I need to clear! From what I know of composting it requires heat to break down the stuff you are composting, so while you have air-flow which is also required, you may have too much air-flow to compost efficiently. So I guess it would still work, just slower. Also you may find it gets to wet and too dry depending on the weather rather than a stable environment. You would also lose composting juice which is a great fertiliser and may prove too much for the earth directly below your composter as the recommended strength is 1:10 juice to water. If you decide not to use the mesh for composting, you could make a garden sculpture out of it - perhaps Gorfram's frog might provide some inspiration! lol! those barrel composters are meant to be closed, huh? I do my composting via my voracious leetle friends the 9-12 inch long earthworms in a simple pile...but still interested...
composters are s'posed to be contained but with an air-flow cos - the bugs (which will die from the heat) and - microbes (which will also die but recover from the air-borne critters) need air to survive. although one should remember there are also anaerobic microbes. No, you don't have winter/summer composters - one does the job year round.
ChrisnLaura (author)  kevinhannan8 years ago
Funny, heh, although, I do like yard art...well...right now its 96 degrees out with a medium wind, and I'm hoping to keep a watchful eye on it daily...I thought I was being clever cutting out rectangles in the bin and covering the holes with aluminum screening, sorta aerating itself. Maybe I'll make the door be a solid piece I cut out. Thanks.
ChrisnLaura (author)  ChrisnLaura8 years ago
Maybe would it work better if I recover 2 of the holes and only have 4 people have summer and winter compost bins?