Is arduino nano can power many sensors and IC?

Is 5V in arduino nano is enough to power up two IC555, DS1307 RTC, LM35, DHT11, 74HC595N and 74LS14 IC's. 20 x 4 LCD at the same time without affecting LCD brightness and contrast?

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rickharris9 days ago

It doesn't look like you understand how they work.

In general as in the diagram the Arduino sends out control signals as required and receives back information from the sensors. Sensors are not powered from the Arduino.


You should use Arduino Mega for that... but there are so many microcontrollers out there and smaller than arduino mega which is same performance and specs.

iceng14 days ago

All your devices can take power from the 5V power supply including the 555's, the real time counter, the HC & LS ICs including the LCD the Nano only handles low power signals.. You need to make a 5volt current budget and add 15% for safety of what you don't expect..

Do you have enough I/O pins ?

iceng16 days ago


iceng iceng16 days ago

Each IC555 is designed to source or sink 200ma each !!

That is more then a Nano !