Is building a wormhole generator possible?

I have read an interesting patent on a "magnetic vortex wormhole generator"and I think it could work. Before you start discrediting and "debunking" this patent or idea check the patent out.
Please write constructive and helpful comments. Also if anyone happens to build one based on the patent and experiments with it successfully, make an instructable; share the information. I just want to know if its possible.

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saymel1 year ago

If someone actually builds a wormhole that works, I am sure that this person won't even care about Nobel Prize. They will be better than that.

JohnR222 years ago

Would it be possible for a MASSIVE electromagnetic field to create something like this(theoretically)?

reganbkelly4 years ago
To 'digitise' a human being would just copy the DNA of the human body not the consciousness, you would be transformed into data but your mind would be left behind. The consciousness isn't connected to your physical body, it is like the operating system of your body, to rebuild you would be like copying a computer, you can't copy the operating system physically because it is just data, you would have to find a way of downloading your consciousness and then finding a way to transport that.

Just FYI you can copy a computer's operating system. It's just that Windows can't do it.

D.jT2 years ago

you cant go through a wormhole just like would be crushed.
not to mention that the G-Force would turn you inside out, & the field would stop your heart from beating.
you have to be suspended between 2 poly magnets, they can not crush you as there being repelled against each other,& no force will push them together. the outer side of the magnet respells against the field of the wormhole, which opens the pathway as you go & increases your speed passed the speed of light, almost as fast as 2 quantum entangled particles being changed.
take the magnetic rings off the bottom of a speakers woofer, then lock them together to make a long tube & drop a poly magnet down them..........see what happens. .

reganbkelly4 years ago
Wormholes in theory don't have to disassemble you, they are links to two points in space. I believe that to send an object or living organism through a wormhole would be like walking through a door from one point on space to another without any affects to structure of the object of living thing.
hey guys- i know i am new to the community but i have an idea that might make it possible to send a live package through without disassembly- how bout shielding it with a self contained miniature magnetic field- ie - the generator would only see the field - not what was inside and MAY send it thrue intact- just an idea
tinker2346 years ago
acutally this is good the cauclations i ran and they are correct i however notice the engry requirerd would be great i belive that zero point engry or highly combustable fuel cauld provide power to the worm hole gentar how ever i am not sure a living organsim can make it thourgh intact perhaps turn the human into data send it thourgh the worm hole
Your on the right track, you convert the living organism into energy and send it through along with assembly instructions. The energy is delayed until a radio signal with the assembly instructions goes through and another wormhole generator with a computer assembles the living organism according to the instructions. Also could you power it with a fusion reactor?
i believe two would be necessary to power the device and i would have to store the engry in to large capacitors
I think you proberly could!
i think so i am unsure
I know I am only 11 but I think you are right and if I ever become a sicentis one day I will get my insperasion of you
Oh its possible to send a Living Cell or a Life form due to the fact the Wormhole Technology requires Point A and Point B too suceesfully transmitt a Matter Stream and complet a Stable Wormhole.

But only thing is the further away the two points are the more power requirements will be. The calculations for the the Energy output for a stable Wormhole (to with Stand Magnetic Frequancies of Planets; Asteroides;Stars and Solar Flares) will have to be accurate

Mr Draiggor
tbrown40 drose85 years ago
ok what you say does make sense but wouldnt you need power at both points? it would be impossable to know where "point b" would take you with out a focal point.
good point
TheMadAlien7 years ago
Hmmm... well it is possible to generate wormholes. What you need is a space worm. Just kidding.
Seriously, to generate a wormhole is pretty easy if you have a gravitoelectromagnetic control device and a quantum foam stabilizer. The problem is that these wormholes close relatively (to our time-line). To keep them open requires a constant supply of negative mass matter (is repelled by objects with gravity , -G=-m*g). As you can tell (hopefully) both the gravitoelectromagnetic control device (generator) as well as negative mass matter (in working quantities) have been discovered.
Alternatively we can bypass most of these if we could only have the GEM device and control the mass of a object (like a starship) in order to lower that same object's matter below 0. In that case hyper-light speeds can be achieved using normal propulsion based on Einstein's theories of light. Since accelerating a particle with positive >0 mass to the speed of light and beyond requires infinite energy (E=m*c^2+m*p^2) we would need a object with negative mass that would in theory bypass the convention.
At least in theory.

About that file that you linked - it is generally considered to be impossible (at least with current technology) to generate GEM waves.
Wormhole Physics is plain and simple. Wormhole is a Sub-Space Matter Stream from Point A to Point B with a GEM Device.

Lowering the object's matter to below 0 would put it on the Negative Board and this would be counter productive. The method would be to calculate the Power requirements to form a stable Wormhole (taken into account the Spacial Magnetic Frequancies of Planets; Stars; Asteriods and Solar Flares) So the Wormhole would follow the correct path from Point A to Point B.

This would evently be turning an Object or Life Form into Energy at Point A and then from Energy into the Object or Life Form at Point B. Subsequently you'll have created a StarGate and the Wormhole will stay active as long as Sufficient Energy is constantly supplied.

Einstien's Equation allows for correct Power calculations for numerious Applications such as a Gravity Drive Engines; Wormhole Physics (for this will only be a start); Hyper Drive Engines and Artificial Gravity. One should consider Inertia Dampers if such Drivers are to be designed

For these power Requirements a Controlled Fusion with High Power Output. Eventhough Nuclear Power and Cold Fusion are just the Beginning.

yes, it is possible, but extremely unlikely people will get there for a while. The wormhole would only be stable for a fraction of a nanosecond before it would collapse and anything inside it would cease to exist; if a way to keep it stable was invented it would most likely require near-infinite energy to do so.
what about turing the human into light or engry
tinker2346 years ago
what about zero point engry serilosy it is possable or highly explosve elmet look it up
Kalrag7 years ago
I looked over the patent and looked over it but it didnt seem reliable. Not saying that it wont work. But you should check out my How to make a Wormhole insructable at

Sincerly, Kalrag

As soon as I saw negative mass I knew this was a line of bull.
08techgrad7 years ago
No.  The idea is strictly theoretical at this point.  Until we have a better idea as to how space and time interact with each other, it will not happen.  The physics involved in are currently unknown, plus the energy required to open a wormhole and KEEP it open are enormous.  Thus is currently out of our scientific and technological reach, barring some breakthrough that winds up occurring within our lifetime.  Till then we will have to wait.
bigboy40067 years ago
I know the patent is technical and hard to understand, but from what I've seen, all patents are that way.

But I do recognize a little bit of the patent.

What I recognize is the tetahedron angle of 19.47 degrees.  That part is based on the theory of "hyperdimensional physics," a theory made by Richard C. Hoagland.   Hoagland is known to back the idea that the Face on Mars and other 'artifacts' on Mars are arfificial, and that these 'artifacts' show geometric patterns - including an angle of 19.47 degrees.

Hoagland has applied this angle to different planets (the planets mentioned in the pattern).  For instance, if a tetahedron  with an angle of 19.47 degrees is placed within Jupiter, the Great Red Spot in Jupiter's atmosphere would end up on one of the corners of the tetrahedron.

As to whether the theory of hyperdimensional physics is true, I don't know.  But I do agree with a previous reply.  When you take out a patent, you're patenting an idea, not an actual working device.  That means that someone came up with an idea and patented it, but it may not work if a model is made.  The only way to determine if the patent is for a real working device is to try and create the device based on what's in the patent.  Until then, we could debate about the validity of the device working until the cows come home.  Right now, we don't know if the device works or not.
klr6508 years ago
no wormholes dont exist and if it was black hole it would be too powerful and earth has gravity and a magnetic field which will disrupt it
How can you be certain they don't exist? Alot of scientiest believe in wormholes or something similar that bends the space. Of course, there is NO device that could create something like this, thats for shure, but who knows what science will come up with in 100years? Also a black hole won't be disrupted by earths magnetic field, it will just suck the earth up in a matter of time.
kelseymh8 years ago
Just so you know, patents are not required to include any kind of fucntioning device. They are not even required to be based on actual science (this one certainly isn't). The only "scientific" restriction is that a patent won't be granted for devices which violate the laws of thermodynamics. As with so many things on the internet, caveat emptor.
I recommend reading this Wikipedia article and then this one.
I believe it is getting very near "the time". I will give you a "clue" and hint at a great mystery. Follow what I say and I think you'll be amazed at what "mere words" can reveal to the seeker. O.K. Google "Anagram Artist" It's a freeware anagramming program ( perhapsthe best). Go ahead and download it. Now look at the patent for the Magnetic Wormhole Generator. What do you see in the picture? I see CIRCLE SQUARE TRIANGLE. Anagrams for "CIRCLE SQUARE TRIANGLE" are: ELECTRICAL RING / SQUARE CIRCLE / SQUARE INTEGRAL LARGER CIRCLE ANTIQUES (As in star gate maybe?) LARGE CLIENTS ACQUIRER LETS CLEARER ACQUIRING Have fun "brainstorming" and learning secrets of the Universe that no one else can or will explain to you.......
If anyone built this or any wormhole generator and it WORKED, they'd have a nobel prize waiting for them. Honestly, this is a junk patent... one of many.